What should I do if I find bed bugs?

Close off the room and contact a professional.

Where would I find bed bugs?
Check headboards, baseboards, box springs, bed frames, switchplates and outlet covers. Look
for blood smears, fecal spots and

How easy is it for me to pick up bed bugs if I walk into an infested area?
It is very unlikely that a bed bug will transfer on to you if you are just walking into an infested
space. Bed bugs tend to avoid light and motion.

Can I heat treat items in my dryer?
Yes, you can place fabric items in your dryer (please read label for fabric restrictions) on high
heat for at least 40 min. The high heat and tumbling will kill any bed bugs potentially in your
fabric goods.

How long does the canine detection take?
Approximately 1 hour

How long does the heat treatment process take?
Approximately 10 hours (8 AM – 6 PM)
Do I need to leave my house during the heat treatment?
The temperature in your home will reach 135 degrees fahrenheit. You will need to leave your
home for the duration of the treatment. You can return to your home after treatment is

Why do I need a detection if I already know I have bed bugs?
False IDs are very common. For successful treatment we need to confirm that your pest is in
fact a bed bug. Canine Detection Service helps accurately identify and confirm an infestation
allowing us to target the bed bug’s locations. We search all cracks, crevices, furniture and other
hiding places that would otherwise be missed. Since the canines have only been trained to
identify bed bugs, they do not alert to other pests, reducing the possibility of false IDs

Are there any pesticides used?
No, our treatment process is all non-toxic.

How do you know when the dogs have found a bed bug?
A canine alert is performed by the dog sitting next to the scent location and pointing their nose
on the target scent area.

What kind of dogs do you use?
We have Beagles and Dachshunds.

How many treatments are needed to get rid of my bed bugs?
You should only need ONE treatment. However, if more than one treatment is needed due to
level of infestation, a technician will inform you during consultation.

What preparation is needed?
Please see our preparation checklist

How accurate are the dogs?
Canine detection is at least 95% accurate.

Will the dogs alert on any other pest in my home?
No, our dogs are only trained to find bed bugs. The handler will ID any other bugs found during
their detection


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