Canine Detection

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Choosing our K9 detection service is the first step in solving your bed bug infestation. Our dogs accurately identify and confirm an infestation allowing us to target the bug’s location so we may take effective action towards eliminating the infestation.

With an accuracy rate of only 35%, visual inspectors are simply unable to determine if bed bugs are residing in walls, baseboards, carpets, or furniture. Our canines detect the presence of pheromones, feces, and urine from bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle  including eggs. We search cracks and crevices of furniture and other hiding places that would otherwise be missed on a visual inspection. Since the canines have only been trained to identify bed bugs, they do not alert to other pests, reducing the possibility of false alerts.

At Top Dog, our technicians go through a rigorous training program that emphasizes both accuracy and speed, resulting in graduates who are able to perform thorough detection’s with over 95% accuracy. All Top Dog technicians have successfully obtained their trainer’s certification, demonstrating their ability to satisfactorily meet and pass all applicable standards.

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