Canine Detection Preparation

Please implement this checklist for any canine inspection areas.

  • All pets must be removed, or placed in an area not involved in the search (example: outside or a bathroom).
  • Food, water, and toys need to be removed or non-accessible to the search dog.
  • Noise and human distraction must be minimized. The less human interaction with the canine the better he can work.
  • Air conditioners, heaters, and ceiling fans need to be turned off 20 minutes prior to our inspection. Windows must be closed.
  • Air fresheners, plug in air fresheners, and candles should be removed 20 minutes prior to inspection.
  • Smoking materials must be extinguished within two hours of inspection.
  • Please minimize the amount of clutter in your residence. The cleaner your residence, the better the canine can conduct his search.
  • If you would like our dog to inspect wheel chairs and walking aids, assistance may be needed during inspections to aid residents.
  • Once again, please make sure no pesticides or chemicals have been used 30 days prior to our inspection.

If you have any questions about the preparations for your inspection, please call Top Dog Pest Control at (888) 407-3071


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